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Katz’s Deli Kitchen

Well, what can I say? Whenever there’s an opportunity to squeeze in lunch, count me in! This time I was in Bala Cynwyd with Candace, and was craving corned beef from some place new. We were heading to B101 to record some radio spots for TOTAL Lubricants. Katz’s Deli Kitchen happened to be on the first floor. All I can say is that if you want corned beef while driving in the Clty Line Avenue area, along, cut over to Montgomery Avenue until you hit Murray’s or Hymie’s.

Meanwhile, back at Katz’s, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to give their Reubens a try. Bad move. The bread was loaded with butter, the corned beef was chopped, not sliced and heated, not fresh – and believe it or not, they charge an extra dollar for lean meat! C’mon folks… for $10, you can put a thicker slice of Swiss cheese on top.The pizza fries were disappointing and limp… if they ever made Viagra for food, this is the place to test it.

Another group that needed some perking up was the waitresses. They looked pretty unhappy to be there. Let’s face it, wouldn’t you be? The next time I want crispy fries, I’ll head over to the Sonic off 611 in Willow Grove (try their hot dogs!). Poor Candace – she had a stomach ache for the rest of the afternoon! All I can say is bring a bottle of TUMS if you’re eating at Katz.


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2 Responses to “Katz’s Deli Kitchen”

  1. Ken says:

    I agree with your accurate review. Also found the meat to be rather salty. Many better places to be found. Larry hits the mark again.

  2. SandyK says:

    The big problem is that the Main Line is starving for a really, truly good deli. Hymies and Murrays just just doesn’t cut the mustard. Tried Katz’s on Mothers Day and we all had a good meal. I must agree that the waitress was not the happiest!

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