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Nagwon Garden… Korean Fun in Upper Darby

From the confines of our Cetlin Design Group worldwide headquarters in Broomall, the closest restaurant for Korean food is Nagwon Garden in Upper Darby. English isn’t spoken here which makes it challenging, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. My friend, Mark Lipsky fro the The Radio Agency, was dubious at first. I thought he was going to make a run for the door, but he relented and actually enjoyed himself. It was either this or Taco Bell down the street.

The Pros:

(1) Had lots of fun and the woman who owns the place was very helpful.

(2) Bulgogi was delicious! The buffet had squid, shrimp, different cuts of meat, chicken, tripe and the usual mystery meats.

(3) Didn’t get sick. I was a bit worried about the freshness of the meats and fish since there were only 2 other tables occupied in the place. Leaving healthy usually isn’t something I’d consider a plus, but we had not idea what we were eating.

(4) It’s close… right down West Chester Pike before you hit State Road in Upper Darby. This location is much safer than the other Korean buffet in the old diner.

(5) They also have a regular menu that you can order from which is very nice.

The Cons:

(1) Not inexpensive… about $27 per person for the buffet

(2) You really need to air out your clothes when you get home. The smoke has to go somewhere… unfortunately, it’s on you.

(3) The selection of foods, while good, isn’t as extensive as the other place.

(4) Not a big fan of keeping the heads on the shrimp. It’s like they’re looking at you when you peel the shell. Could’ve sworn I heard one scream.

(5) I really could use an instruction manual.


I’d go back, but I’m running out of people to go with. Always up for a dining adventure! Let me know what you think.


Open for lunch and dinner every day.

7650 West Chester Pike (west of State Road)

Upper Darby, PA 19082

(610) 449-1800

No website


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